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U-Tel Communications was founded in 1997 with one goal in mind: to provide unbiased voice and data solutions to businesses of all sizes. U.Tel has a unique approach in that numerous companies are represented for multiple services-and U.Tel only represents the industry leaders. One of the main advantages of U.Tel is that we have the ability to shop on behalf of a customer as it pertains to price and technical requirements. With this approach, the customer is always assured of getting the best price, THE best technical solutions, and the best service available. We can offer your business multiple quotes for the services you are interested in and provide the pros and cons of each. Our primary goal is to reduce your monthly communication costs while improving the quality of your service.

U.Telís team can help you find a solution to all of the confusing telecom information. Through our team of experts, we will include telecom consulting, local and long distance calling, dial tone, internet-both dedicated and DSL, virtual private networking and data networking.

All consultations are free of charge and all proposals are guaranteed to save you money. U.Tel offers a unique service not known in the industry Ė we provide a REVERSE Proposal after you receive your 1st full telecom bill. This proposal confirms the savings originally quoted. This is also done every 6 months not only to insure you of your savings but also to review and possibly make changes to increase efficiencies in your network. Because U.Tel offers such an array of providers, you are insured of getting the most competitive pricing and latest technology offered.

The key to U.Telís continued success is our commitment to customer service- that is and will always be our greatest accomplishment.

Contact us today for a no-obligation professional assessment of your communications environment.

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